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Why Choose Panhandle Weight Loss Center?

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Personalized Weight Loss Solutions in Amarillo, Texas

At Panhandle Weight Loss Center, we understand that weight loss is not always easy, but we also know that a healthier life is always worth it. Effective, sustained weight loss is a life-long journey and we specialize in giving people the tools and support they need to succeed. Our team of bariatric surgeons and weight loss experts do not believe in quick fixes or one-size-fits-all medical care. We take the time to discuss your unique needs and goals and we review your options to develop a customized treatment plan that sets you up for a healthier and happier life. 

We offer a full range of weight loss solutions, including gastric sleeve surgery, gastric bypass surgery, duodenal switch surgery, a medically supervised weight loss program, and weight loss surgery revision for patients seeking a second chance at effective weight loss.

The Panhandle Difference

There is a lot that sets Panhandle Weight Loss Center apart from other weight loss clinics or bariatric surgery practices:

Experienced, Compassionate Surgeons

Our bariatric surgeons, Dr. Bleu Schniederjan, Dr. Bo Neichoy, and Dr. Darren Peterson, are all board-certified with specialty training in bariatric surgery. In addition to their skill and experience, they each have a heartfelt dedication to helping people live their best lives and they believe that everyone deserves to feel confident and healthy. They provide comprehensive care with support from a dietician, psychologist, and a certified personal trainer.

Specialized Surgery Center

We perform bariatric procedures at our own specialized surgery center, which offers many benefits over a traditional hospital setting. At this surgeon-owned center, we prioritize patient safety and comfort. The entire surgery center staff is highly trained in bariatric surgery. Each year, we perform more than 250 bariatric procedures at our surgery center and our rate of surgical complications is less than 1% (.56%), far below the national average of 4%.1 Our outpatient program allows patients to return to the comfort of their home the sale day as surgery and incur lower costs than they would in a hospital. 

Affordable Pricing

We don’t want cost to be a barrier to better health. We offer fair and transparent pricing that is among the lowest bariatric pricing in the country. We partner with medical lenders so patients can access budget-friendly financing options and we offer self-pay pricing packages. We also have a fast-track program that can help you plan your surgery with less time off of work. 

Proven Results

What matters most is the lives our patients lead after they leave our surgery center. We have helped many men and women from Texas, as well as those who travel from across the country to see us, and their health and happiness is our greatest reward. We make sure our patients have the information and support they need for a successful life after weight loss. Watch a Panhandle patient testimonial and see the inspiring before and after transformations of our patients.

Contact Panhandle Weight Loss Center

The best way to decide if surgery at Panhandle Weight Loss Center is right for you is to schedule a consultation appointment with one of our surgeons (telehealth appointments are available). You can fill out our free insurance check form to learn if your health insurance offers bariatric coverage or take our 60 second assessment to help determine if you are a candidate.

1 American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery. Studies Weigh in on Safety and Effectiveness of Newer Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery Procedure. Available: Accessed February 17, 2020.