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Weight Loss Surgery Payment Options

When it comes to paying for weight loss surgery, every patient’s situation is unique. Some patients are able to make use of health insurance to offset their personal costs. Patients who don’t have insurance coverage for bariatric treatment can take advantage of our cash-pay discounts and weight loss surgery financing options. Whether you have insurance to cover the cost of bariatric surgery or not, the team at Panhandle Weight Loss Center will make sure you get the treatment you need at a cost that will work for you.

Is Bariatric Surgery Covered by Insurance?

To learn whether your insurance plan will cover the cost of weight loss surgery, we invite you to use our Free Insurance Check tool. Once we know the details, we can help you maximize any benefits and find the best way to afford surgery.

If your insurance plan does cover the cost of weight loss surgery, the plan may also require certain prerequisites (like a specific number of doctor visits) to be met before your surgery can be scheduled.

If bariatric surgery coverage is not part of your insurance plan, don’t worry! The team at Panhandle Weight Loss Center can make sure you access the best resources in terms of medical loans or financing to help you pay for treatment.

Weight Loss Surgery Financing Options

At Panhandle Weight Loss Center, we understand that the cost of bariatric surgery may be prohibitive for some of our patients. It is our firm belief that a healthier body should be within everyone’s reach. To that end, we have established relationships with a number of healthcare financing sources that can help patients work the cost of weight loss surgery into their budgets. To learn more or to begin the application process, please click on any of the logos below.


Contact us for Information on Your Bariatric Surgery Payment Options

To learn more about the many payment options available to our weight loss surgery patients and to find out whether your insurance covers the cost of care at Panhandle Weight Loss Surgery Center, please contact us today.

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